Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reader Appreciation

Just a quick note here to thank you for reading this blog. The past two posts received quite a little bit of traffic. “Chasing Squirrels,” the tribute to my little buddy Jack Dog has received more web hits and unique visitors than anything I’ve written in this space.

Jackers would be proud. So I am.

The post earlier this week with the news on Mike McCaffrey’s forfeited amateur status, which vacated his Texas Mid-Amateur championship and U.S. Mid-Amateur medalist and quarterfinalist honors, also caught the attention of many readers.

Both posts garnered several reader comments, as well. I tried to figure out how to respond directly to each reader who made a comment. Alas, I am not that savvy.  

So this post is my way of saying “thank you” to everyone who has taken time from their busy schedules to read this blog. I have special appreciation to everyone who took time to comment, too. It is greatly appreciated.

I’m especially thankful for all the kind words that were written in regards to the loss the Jack Dog. Many of the posts were made anonymously, but some were not. So thank you, Faith, Sarah, Matt, Sharon, Neil, Liss, Susan and Kristi. Your words were comforting, as is the realization that many of you have also gone through the heartache of losing one of your best friends. There is comfort in that.

The comment section for the McCaffrey story ran the spectrum of disbelief, outrage, anger, support and empathy. I’m happy to have helped provide a small venue for others to share their opinions on a controversial topic.

I hope you’ll continue to read this blog and comment with your opinions.

Thank you so much.


  1. That's how I "friended" you on Facebook; someone had posted a link to your blog and I found it so moving. Loving my three pups more than I can say, it broke my heart that you had to say goodbye to Jack. I loved him through your words, and of course thought of the day coming when I will have to go through the same with my girls. The blog does not allow me to post under my name, so I was one of your "anonymous" posts. All the very best to you, Mark. :) Teresa Brown

  2. I too friended you on Facebook through a link to your blog. My heart broke reading about Jack Dog.
    We currently have 2 canine kids, a yellow lab and a golden retriever. We lost another yellow lab - our precious boy Brandon - just 5 days prior to his 9th birthday after a brave 3 month fight with hemangiosarcoma.
    Your blog stirred up the same emotions that I struggled with when we lost Brandon.
    Your love for Jack came through in every word which made us all fall in love with him!
    Wishing you the best!