Monday, January 9, 2012

Win a Signed Copy of the Golf Gods Children's Book

Since my first crack at publishing a children’s book was released on Nov. 18, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Published by Author House, “Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po, Legend of the golf gods” tells the story of the mystical golf gods. The ancient and all-powerful Ti Ming and Tem Po come alive in the dreams of believers young and old and turn them into champion golfers. More importantly, the golf gods teach their students about the values we learn from the game, such as honesty, sound decision-making and the importance of self-confidence and respect for others.

Win a Signed Copy!
The results are life-changing for everyone involved.

California-based golf writer Bob Fagan recently read and reviewed the book. He wrote that it “has the makings of a classic.” (Read Fagan’s review here.) Blair Howard, a golf writer for, also reviewed it and believes the book is an amusing and appealing way for golfers young and old to find, or recover their game.” (Read Howard’s review here.) 

Fagan and Blair agreed that “Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po” is a fun, magical story filled with character-building morals and life lessons. While it’s targeted at children and teens aged 8-17, the book will be enjoyed by anyone who loves golf, regardless of age.

Now you can get a signed copy of the book for free.

Thrilled and humbled by the feedback from this special book, I want to give back some of the good Karma. To this end, I will send signed copies of “Finding Ti Ming & Tem Po” to five of the next people to start following me on Twitter. All you have to do is follow me at (or @Mark_Button).

In the coming days, I will randomly draw five new Twitter followers to receive signed copies of the book.

For more information on the book and how it all started, please visit I hope to see you on Twitter and good luck in the contest! Thank you so much for reading.


  1. That's awesome man. Are you going to be doing a book tour for this one? You might be able to get the book in golf shops, and show up and do a signing at the golf courses. That might be fun. Not sure your plans, but still. Good work!

  2. How cool to have a kid's book surrounding this sport!

  3. That is awesome if I win my twins can share the book