Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tiger Shows Class

During his Wednesday press conference at the PGA Championship in Georgia, Tiger was asked about the comments from his former caddy, Steve Williams.

Tiger took the high road.

“It was good to see Stevie and Adam win,” Tiger said. “Adam has been a friend of mine, and same with Stevie. I sent Stevie a nice text after completion of play, congratulating him on his win.”

Tiger was asked about the photos that were leaked Tuesday showing his agent speaking with Williams at Atlanta Athletic Club. Tiger, as usual, didn’t give details.

“You’re right,” Tiger said. “They did talk.”

The Williams comments had to light a fire under Woods. He’s not going to let us inside his head – he never has – but it had to tick him off. It had to motivate him, too.

Maybe there are fireworks in store for the PGA Championship. Personally, I don’t think Tiger is ready to win again yet.

But there’s no one in golf better at proving people wrong than Tiger Woods.

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